Sunday School

Sunday School

"Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ"

2 Peter 3:18

We meet at 9:00am most Sundays for a 30-40 minute period of Bible study we call Sunday School.  

Our Sunday School program (9:00am on Sundays) provides the following tools for growing our body in Christ and equipping us for the work of the ministry:

  • Specific Focus: In addition to providing age-appropriate classes (children to adult), we attempt to provide a variety of classes for various seasons and situations of the Christian life. Examples include classes on stewardship, doctrines, friendship, evangelism, church history, and more! 
  • Practical Instruction: Focusing on specific topics enables us to give (and receive!) practical instruction for a believer's walk. Some class topics will lend themselves more to this than others (e.g., marriage or God's will), but ultimately we want to work together to see God's truth infiltrate and transform our lives.   
  • Teaching Opportunities: These classes provide opportunities for members to use their gift of teaching or to even see if that's a gift God's given them. It both sharpens their teaching abilities while enhancing our body life together in hearing from other believers.