What to Expect


Hello! You probably want to know more about us, which is great! Feel free to explore our site, and then set a date to come visit us. We would love to show you Who we are all about. In the meantime, though, here's a few details about what to expect when you visit.

Jesus said, "Come unto Me all who are weary and heavy laden..." We say the same thing. Wherever you find yourself in life, you come, and we'll do our best to point you to Jesus Christ. What we do and Who we talk about may seem a bit different, but you'll discover that what we're all about is pretty simple. We are all about Jesus Christ: trusting, knowing and serving Him as He directs us to in the Word of God. 

We meet on the campus of Dublin Christian Academy and live up to our name with beautiful views of Mount Monadnock. However, we are off the beaten path, so you will want to be sure to familiarize yourself with our location before leaving home. Check out our "Get Directions" page on this site! When you arrive, you'll walk through the doors into our lobby. We'll have a welcome packet for you, and you can feel free to sit anywhere you find an open seat.  

Sunday School

Begins at 9:00 AM on Sundays and usually runs about 40 minutes. We have classes for children, teens and adults, and the topics covered vary.

Morning Worship

Begins at 10:00 AM on Sundays and usually lasts about an hour and a half. This service is elevated but not formal. We sing old and new hymns together in a conservative manner (we use the Rejoice Hymnal published by Majesty Music), read God's Word together, Pastor Kyle usually leads us in prayer and we also participate in an offering that allows us to demonstrate our value and love for the Lord and His work in the Church. We often enjoy the ministry of music through choir, instrumentalists or other groups. We then focus our attention on a specific passage in God's Word. We want to understand what God's Word means, apply it to our lives and go out and live it wherever God has placed us.

We do offer a Junior Church service during this time for children ages 4 through 4th grade. Children will begin with the adults in the main service and then be dismissed for their class time together. Our Junior Church curriculum focuses on the stories of Scripture.  We view this time as a time of learning and training for our children. They will learn about God and His Word as well as valuable practical lessons like self-control, listening, etc. We view Junior Church as a help to our parents -- helping them teach and prepare their children to worship God through singing, praying, listening and learning God's truth.

Nursery is also available for children 3 years old and younger.

Evening Study

More of a family time and begins at 5:30 PM on Sundays. This study ends right about 6:30 PM. We enjoy singing together as well as occasional testimonies of God's working in our lives. We also work on Scripture memory together. Our teens meet together while our kids stay with the adults during this time. Our time in God's Word together is intended to build our faith and prepare us to share our faith.

Wednesday Prayer

Begins at 7:00 PM and lasts about an hour. We sing together, usually enjoying some selected favorites in our hymnal, share prayer requests and try to spend the majority of our time in prayer. We may have a brief devotional, but our primary purpose in this time is to pray together.