Bible Study Tools

Study to show yourself approved to God.

2 timoth 2:15

Relationships are built on knowledge and communication. The same is true regarding a person's relationship with God. God has communicated with people through His Word, the Bible. As we study, live and pray God's Word, we grow in our knowledge of Him.
The following resources are tools that will sharpen your study of God's Word and help you grow in your relationship with God. While we may not endorse everything these ministries represent, we believe they have provided valuable tools to God's people. 

Bible Reading

e sword

This Bible study software is free to download and offers many basic resources for free as well. It can be a little overwhelming at first, but once you play around with the software, you'll pick it up quickly and wonder how you ever studied the Bible without it!

ligonier bible reading plans

There are a lot of schedules available to follow for reading through the Bible. This link will take you to a blog post on Ligonier Ministries that lists out several different options. Read it over, pick one and just start!

Bible Study

bible project

This tool is provided by a team committed to providing quality visual resources for studying the Bible. Animated videos explain themes in the Bible. Narrated sketches provide summaries of each of the books of the Bible. Worksheets ask thoughtful questions. And the best part? The tools are free. You might consider giving a donation if you download a lot of their resources, but this is a tremendous tool!

read scripture

The Bible Project put together this Bible reading schedule/introductory video series for reading Scripture. It's primarily meant to be used as an app on a phone or tablet, but the videos can be found on YouTube.


the exchange app

Ok, you've been studying and building your relationship with God, now you're ready to share it with someone else who doesn't have a relationship with God. Here's a great tool to use in telling someone about God, sin, Christ and salvation.

the story film

Here's one other tool for sharing God's good news of salvation with those who don't have a relationship with God. This resource is provided in an app form as well in case you want to carry the information with you. Always prepared to tell the story!

Keep on learning God's Word.