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Happy Anniversary to Bill & Sally Fisher (March 4th)!
Happy Birthday to Emily Fletcher and Justin Swank (March 1st) and Karson Wilcox (March 4th)!

I created a calendar for birthdays & anniversaries. But, there seems to be no way to limit the display to this year, let alone this week. And, there doesn't seem to be a way to display an "event" (a birthday or anniversary) without a photo. If Jonathan knows how to resolve these problems, then loading all the birthdays into the calendar would let this section auto-generate each week!

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again... can Jonathan find a way to limit this display to just through one week?

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Sunday Sermon

Colossians 1:23-24 provided a springboard for us to consider the question, “What is a minister?” in our message yesterday morning.  We surveyed the New Testament’s use of the words “minister,” “ministry,” and “ministering,” and discovered that this refers to the general obligation of saints to serve as Christ served.  We saw examples of that service scattered throughout the New Testament as well as glimpses of the variety of activities that service can consist of.

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